We Came, We Saw, We Processed

What did you like best about being a graduate assistant at Special Collections?

Susan: I liked that I was able to put what I was learning in my classes into practice, and that it fit so well with my 550 and 640 classes. A lot of what we did with the exhibit involved working with Latinx and Native American materials, so it worked with 550.

Mark: I enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow coworkers including the other graduate assistants and supervisors.

Zazil: My favorite part was getting to know our colleagues and getting to collaborate on projects with people who are incredibly inspiring and who challenge me to do good work.


Just chillin’ outside Special Collections

Do you see yourself in archives or special collections in the future?

Susan: Can I say heck yes?!

Mark: Possibly, still up in the air. I guess I should say yeah, because I could see myself there.

Zazil: I think so! Everything about this job made me want to keep working in archives.

How do you think your time at Special Collections has impacted your growth as an information professional?

Susan: Very positively. It has helped me verify that this is the path that I want to take, because I feel so passionate about preserving the human record.

Mark: It’s helped me understand both sides of research, both being a grad student and working in the archives where I’ve assisted professors and other students with reference questions.

Zazil: I think it’s taught me that I can be really good at something that I put effort into. This is my first information-type job, and I feel confident that I can move forward in the field.

FullSizeRender (2)

The Special Collections graduate assistants with their supervisors

What was your favorite thing to listen to while processing?

Susan: I didn’t always listen to something. Sometimes I just listened to the ghosts in the stacks. Thinking about the voices in the archives.

Mark: The voices of the past.

Zazil: I liked to listen to Rihanna.


Susan reminding us to behave.

What was your favorite memory from Special Collections?

Mark: Hmmm

Susan: Oh gosh. May I share more than one? Road trips to Tempe to visit the Arizona Archives Alliance summit and symposium, Veronica taking us to AHS for research for the exhibit, and Veronica taking us to lunch at La Indita.

Mark: We have no other memories.

Susan: Don’t be absurd.

Zazil: lol

Susan: Laughing about Joseph Howard in that crazy picture. Zazil making us take the plastic off the portraits down in the basement.

Zazil: Those portraits were so terrifying!! My favorite memories are just of us geeking out about archives and exploring different aisles and collections in the basement.

Mark: I liked putting the exhibit cases up with Trent, Roger, and Susan and perusing the stacks for inspiration.

Susan: There are just so many good memories!

Thanks for a wonderful year!–Zazil, Mark, and Susan