Just Roll with It

One of the most maddening situations I have experienced while being an archivist apprentice has been project time management. It seems as if there is never enough time to get a project done. Just when you think you see the oasis, it turns out to be a mirage. Case in point has been the Reeder papers (MS 710) collection which has confounded me since last fall.

MS 710 Blog 4

It has been a laborious process with complications. Before the end of the fall semester, I found out that the photo negative preservers needed for this collection had to be ordered since the ones here were the wrong size. These were delivered after the holiday break. However, now the task remains to house all the negatives in individual sleeves.

Neg Preservers Blog 4

Another small glitch was that there were born digital (i.e. computer disks) materials as well. These had to be sent to a lab in-house for processing. Fortunately, out of 32 disks there was only one that was unreadable. Nonetheless, these have their own method of housing, which I am still learning.

BD Materials Blog 4

I am now trying to finalize the finding aid to be posted online which will help researchers find resources. At times, I have had to actually re-folder some materials. This comes from after more than a semester actually learning some archival processing and learning how to simplify things. Furthermore, the detailed work of constructing an online finding aid in ArchivesSpace and in a Word document adds to the time challenge.

ArchivesSpace Blog 4

As I mentioned before, being an archivist apprentice here at the UA Special Collections is truly a multi-tasking job. Although maddening at times, the best thing is stay calm and roll with it.

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