OSIRIS-REx Flair Buttons

As I begin to wrap up all of my final projects for my graduate assistant-ship I wanted to share another one of my favorite parts of this collection. I present to you, the flair buttons worn by members of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft team at Lockheed Martin.

Some of these buttons were created it commemoration of different parts of the mission, members of the team, or even used as a way to show support for specific naming conventions that were up for vote. I have included photos of some of the buttons below along with the back story behind a few of them. All of these buttons will be part of the OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Return collection and will also be featured in the digital exhibit coming in May 2021.

Food Runner: Button worn by whatever team member was being sent out to pick up food for a team meeting (Second row, middle)
House Building: This button was commissioned to commemorate the event when multiple members of the OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft team helped build another members house! The button features a photo of them installing the main steel support beam. (Bottom Row, Left)

Mach-5: OSIRIS-REx uses a big data technology called Mach-5 to store flight and test data. This button was made to commemorate the success of integration once it was complete. (Bottom Row, Middle)
One Does Not: This button was created to commemorate the difficulties of working on merge requests in the code repository. (Top Row, Right)

Better in that out: This button was made to commemorate a series of out gassing activities performed during the outbound cruise. These were done to rid the sample return capsule of water that it absorbed while on earth. (Middle Row, Right)
Redmine Ninja: OSIRIS-REx uses Redmine as a project management system. This button was given to those who were considered Redmine experts, aka Redmine Ninjas. (Bottom Row, Left)

Save Joe: This button was made in support of Joe who was the OSIRIS-REx Flight Operations Manger for the Launch and Cruise Phase. The team wore these buttons when it was announced that he would be leaving the program as a way to show how much everyone would miss him and as a thank you for all his hard work. (Top Row, Left)
Eg-Yay: In September 2017, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft performed an Earth Gravity Assist. The image on this button was taken by the TAGSAMS. This button was then used to commemorate the successful EGA campaign. (Bottom Row, Middle)

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