Haunting the Archive – End of Year Wrap Up by Emma Luthi

We often joke about the Special Collections basement being haunted, but during my two years here, I’ve found that I’m generally the spookiest thing down there. While working here, I’ve done many things – processed large and small collections and additions, answered reference questions, and just generally been all over the archive. From finding new homes for giant supply orders to fixing strange issues in collections, it feels like I’ve done a little bit of everything during my time here. I’m sad to be finished.

This last semester of my time in graduate school and my last semester working at UA Special Collections, I was one of the people who spent the most time in the building. With the limited number of people in the building, and the lack of people on campus, it has been an odd experience. The basement hallways can be especially eerie when not all the lights are on.

Basement hallway with some of the lights on and others off.

And yet, I love the basement. I loved processing collections down there and looking through boxes to find the answers to patron’s questions. I walk quietly, and I know I startled a fair number of people down there. I may be the ghost down there, but I was always thrilled to be at work. I’m going to miss it now that I’m graduating. I only hope the next crew to work down there enjoys it as much as I did!

Your friendly archives ghost, wandering the stacks.

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