What the Future Holds

It has been an amazing year at Special Collections. Once again, I was able to work with a group of extraordinary LIS students that were working their way through their graduate program. I am pleased to announce that Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Emma, and Caroline are now all moving onward — graduating, getting jobs, kicking butt — these are the basic wrap ups here at Special Collections that I am most proud of.

Where am I going… nowhere! I will be working throughout the summer on finishing up a few projects and cleaning up the archives as we prepare for our next group of graduate students and workers. But as I look back at all of my accomplishments of the year, I have to say, I’m quite pleased!

One of the most interesting collections I processed this year was a smaller collection from photographer Leslie J. Yerman. Yerman went downtown and captured images right after the George Floyd protests as well as during the Covid-19 pandemic. Her images are, in many ways, haunting. They are breathtaking. As I worked on this collection, I was able to choose an image to represent the collection on the Special Collections landing page, and fell in love with the following image…

Art inspired by Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd protests. Photographed by Leslie J. Yerman. Used with permission of the photographer. MS 736, Box 1, Folder 1.

Sometimes, it is the smaller collection that really stays with an individual. But I also worked on the much larger International postcard collection (MS 739). This collection includes thousands of postcards from all over the world. What I loved most about this collection is that it allowed me to snoop into the past — that’s right, I read some of the postcards. Most were quite general. But, there were a few secrets to be found!

Postcards from Fontainebleu, France. Box39, Folder15. Some of the gorgeous interiors of a palace!

I will be back this summer to finish up a few new projects, so look forward to summer posts and updates! When not working at Special Collections I will be working on my MLIS — that’s right, I’ve finally entered library school! — by taking two summer courses. In addition, I will be sitting around my ranch working with my newest crop of Boer bucklings and doelings. See everyone in the fall!

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